Every Saturday and Sunday you can sell your stuff here at T&W Flea Market.  You gain access to thousands of buyers who visit the oldest and favorite flea market in Pensacola, FL.  We have booth spaces inside and outside.  

To BOOK your booth space call 850-433-4315

Office is OPEN Wednesday - Friday from 9am-5pm & Saturday - Sunday from 7am-5pm.

Tables $16, $18, $20, $21, $23 & $25

(We accept credit cards.)

Flea Market Open Saturday & Sunday  7am-5pm


Booth space and table reservations may be made at the T&W Flea Market Office, located at 1717 N. T Street, or by phone at 850.433.4315, Wednesday - Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm, Saturday & Sunday 7:00am-5:00pm.  ALL reservations must be paid at the office by 4:00pm the Thursday prior to the reservation date.


Rent is DUE when you set up unless you have pre-paid.  We do not accept personal checks for payment of table spaces.  ALL reservations must be paid at the office by 4:00pm the Thursday prior to the reservation date.


Credit or full refunds will be allowed only if you cancel your reservation by 4:00pm the Thursday prior to the reservation date. 


All vendors are responsible for obtaining the proper permits on their own.  This includes Escambia County License, Agriculture Permits, Health Department Permits and Florida Sales Tax Numbers.  It is the responsibility of all vendors to collect FL Sales Tax on taxable items.  Sales Tax applications are available at the office.


NO prepared food.

NO hot/cold drinks.

NO firearms.

NO illegal knives or weapons.

NO alcohol.

NO counterfeit, unlicensed or bootleg merchandise. 

NO stink bombs.

NO drugs or drug paraphernalia. 

NO pornographic or offensive merchandise.

We reserve the right to refuse certain items to be sold. 


Vendors will only park behind the table or tables they have rented.  If your vehicle blocks another table and that table is not rented, you will be charged for that table. 


Vendors will NOT spread out on vacant tables.  You can only use the table you have paid for.  Vendors will NOT sublease their tables to any other vendor.  All merchandise must be kept behind the yellow line in front of your table. NOTHING is allowed in the aisles.  Vendors will respect their neighbors by being respectful of the noise level. 


Vendors are responsible for the clean up of their area.  The trash cans in the aisles are for shoppers use only.  Do not discard any unsold merchandise or other refuge in these cans or in the dumpsters.  Anything you bring on the premises needs to leave with you.

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1717 N. T Street

Pensacola, FL 32505

OPEN Saturday & Sunday

7 AM - 5 PM

All Year Long